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Using Internet and Trackings

A Chromium Web Browser, Fast and reliable, Which doesnot track you. Webnet is a place for people where they can use internet however they want.Webnet helps their clients to surf the internet anonymously.

Service Description
Our Search Engine WebNet has a search engine that doesnt track you. We dont store your personal information ever. Our privacy policy is simple we dont collect or share any of your personal information. We dont follow you around with ads. We dont store your search history. We therefore have nothing to sell to advertisers that track you across the internet. We dont track you in or out of private browsing mode. Other search engines track your searches even when youre in private browsing mode. We dont track your period. Switch to WebNet search Engine and take back your privacy! No tracking, no ad targeting, just searching.
Storage Drive We have Storage drive app that can save your files to Our Drive and our clients can get those files whenever they want for you.
Proxy We have also provided our own official proxy for users to surf the internetfor their personal information to search on the internet.
Gaming Anyone tired? Jump into some gaming action fun and enjoy some of our games.
Getting IP Some People Really Want to Know Their IP address! In that condition Webnet can get you your IP by Just Clicking on "Check My IP"
Our Store Want some of our apps that will cheer you up. Just visit Webnet's store to get the most from webnet.
Antivirus Is your pc getting slower day by day? Why not Download Webnet Antivirus and get your PC boosted.
Radio Want to hear some radio or music?, Webnet official leets you hear your favourite songs on your demand
Url Shortner Tired of long url's, cant remmember them, cant share with your freinds?. Use Webnet Official Url Shortner and get the job done for you.
Hosting Looking for a spetacular Hosting? Then your at the right place. We provide Game Server Hosting & Web Hosting.
Chat Messenger We also have a chat messenger just like facebook messenger and whatsapp that keeps you in touch with your freinds & family
Movies Get the latest movies on Webnet Official Bollywood & Hollywood both available, you can online stream & Download too.
Webnet Optimizer Get the latest Webnet Official Optimizer / Webnet Official Booster is a software which optimizes your system where possible for best experience and performance of your pc, it also includes Game optimization for better performance and FPS
WWTC Webnet Official Win Title Changer is a software which helps in changing any exe or an opened window Title to any title you want, for as long as the program is opened, on closing or quiting the program or software it's original name will be back
WONA Webnet Official No Adds is a software which helps in streaming online videos without Adds and Blocks anykind of Adds on its way
WOPC Webnet Official Ports Checker is a software which helps users to check which ports are opened / closed
WOF Webnet Official Freelance is a place where you can hire a freelancer(Works on paid task $20) to do your work for you
WOS Webnet Official SEO is a tool which creates an awsome automatic seo guide for you


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